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The Importance of Preventive Oral Treatments

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The Importance of Preventive Oral Treatments

The Importance of Preventive Oral Treatments

Based on research performed by the American Dental Association (ADA) in 2017, Americans spent more than $124 billion in dental health, mainly on restorative treatments. Most restorative treatments can be avoided with proper oral care habits and by routine visits to the dentist. In the end, poor dental care will result in expensive treatments in the future.  Modern preventive treatments provided by a qualified Philadelphia dentist can help you keep a healthy mouth. With good preventive care treatments, you can reduce the risk of developing gum disease, cavities, and other oral health problems.  With regular dental visits, you can avoid expensive dental treatments in the future. 

Benefits of Preventative Treatment 

Preventive treatments help you keep all of your teeth and help you stay away from the dentist. The two main reasons why people lose teeth are due to tooth decay and gum diseases. By following good dental practices, like visiting your dentist every 6 months, any dental issues can be detected early and treated accordingly. Getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist is another great way to avoid gum disease. We recommend getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist every six months. This will keep your gums healthy and avoid gum recession and in serious cases, bone loss. Gum disease can be controlled and reversed if detected early.

Preventive dentistry does not apply only to people who have all their teeth but to people who wish to preserve their remaining teeth. People who have lost all their teeth can also benefit from preventive treatment as other conditions like cancer can be detected by your dentist and treated immediately. Here are some tips that will help you keep your mouth healthy and avoid expensive visits to the dentist. Make sure you brush your teeth two times a day, for at least 2 minutes. Make sure you use dental floss every night to remove food stuck between your teeth. Lower the amount of processed sugar consumption and use toothpaste with fluoride. Eating healthy foods will help you maintain a healthy mouth. Make sure you arrange regular cleanings with your dentist every 6 months. If you are experiencing any mouth problems, it is highly important that you visit your dentist right away. 

Importance of Mouth Cleaning

Usually, your dentist will provide a preventive treatment that will help strengthen your teeth, and ensure they do not break. If you have a weak tooth or your tooth is cracked, a preventive treatment can be used to protect the tooth through a crown.  The main aim of preventive treatment is to help you maintain a clean healthy mouth. Preventive treatment also includes mouth cleaning. When it comes to mouth cleaning, your dentist will remove all plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth. Part of the preventive treatment consists of teaching you and your family the best way to brush and how to use dental floss properly. A good preventive treatment plan should include oral care products based on your needs. For further information on how to keep a healthy mouth visit us at https://philadelphiapa.dentist/

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