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If you are a SmileDirectClub customer, please contact our office for assistance.


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The Canary System

Lasting a lifetime! That’s what we all want for our teeth, and that’s why Dr. Han continues to invest in new diagnostic technology. The latest innovation is a device called The Canary System, and we’re the first dental offices in this area to have it.

The Canary enables us to identify early-stage lesions even before they’re visible on an x-ray. Early detection means it is possible to heal a tooth as well as provide less invasive and less expensive treatment. The Canary is simple to use, pain-free, and does not require radiation…and it just takes a few minutes to use.

It’s all about prevention, healing, and early detection. The Canary System is the only technology that examines the crystal structure of a tooth and tells us the amount of decalcification that has taken place. If the area examined is in the “pre-cavity” stage, Dr. Han and her team can work with you to heal or remineralize the area. If a filling is needed it will be the most conservative filling possible, making the tooth filling material last longer, saving more of your tooth.

The Canary System is the only radiation-free technology that can detect problem areas around the edges of fillings, crowns, and even in-between teeth!

The Canary System is a low-power, pulsating laser that uses infrared sensors to detect subtle changes in heat and light (less than 1 degree Celsius) to examine for the presence of tooth demineralization (structural breakdown) and early dental decay. It can find decay in areas that are undetectable to the eye, up to 5mm below the tooth surface, and in areas that are difficult to detect with dental x-rays.

Prevention, healing, and early detection … A better way to practice dentistry!

Even if you haven’t been to the dentist in years, on your next visit to our Philadelphia, PA dental office, ask us to show you how the Canary can help keep your teeth healthy!