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If you are a SmileDirectClub customer, please contact our office for assistance.

KöR Whitening bleaching system

KöR Teeth Whitening in Philadelphia, PA

If you are interested in KöR teeth whitening in Philadelphia, PA, call the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence at 215-969-4400.

As you age, your teeth are more prone to stains and decay. When you experience discoloration, you may feel insecure about your teeth.

However, a KöR teeth whitening treatment may be the perfect solution.

The Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence specializes in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry treatments servicing Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding communities. We cater to patients of all ages and can help rejuvenate your smile. Dr. Christine Han, DMD, leads our staff of expert dental professionals who can help you feel more comfortable with your teeth.

What Is KöR Teeth Whitening?

It is common for teeth to stain over time. These stains come from drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and many other activities. While it can be disheartening to see your teeth lose their glow, a teeth whitening session may be just what you need to regain confidence.

KöR teeth whitening is a revolutionary new method to eliminate stains and discoloration from your teeth, leaving you with a fresh set of pearly whites. We use KöR products to bring your smile to life.

We customize our whitening treatment to your specific mouth, making for a more effective procedure. You can come in anytime for a whitening treatment. Some of our patients like to schedule appointments before momentous events, such as weddings, parties, and anniversaries.

Our Process

If you want KöR teeth whitening in Philadelphia, PA, the first thing to do is schedule an appointment with us to consult with a dentist.

During this consultation, one of our highly skilled dental professionals will examine your teeth to determine if your teeth are in good condition and will respond well to the treatment.

Whitening is a very safe and non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure. Our state-of-the-art equipment and technology help to protect you during your whitening procedure.

For KöR teeth whitening, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth. We create dental impressions by asking you to bite down on a comfortable mouthguard, leaving your teeth marks.

We then send these impressions to a dental lab, and they will develop a custom-fitted tray to hold our whitening solution. Our whitening gel is absorbed in the tray and perfectly fits your mouth to begin the whitening process.

KöR is the leading whitening brand because of its suction technology. Many other whitening solutions are prone to saliva entering the tray and ruining the whitening process. KöR whitening trays attach seamlessly to your teeth and do not allow spit to penetrate the mixture.

If you enjoy the stunning results of your whitening treatment, we are happy to schedule more appointments for you in the future. Typically, we will schedule a new whitening treatment every three months.

You should make sure to take care of your teeth after whitening. They are still prone to stains and decay.

Meet Dr. Christine Han, DMD

Dr. Christine Han, DMD, leads our Philadelphia dental clinic with first-class cosmetic dentist services. Our expert team is willing to go above and beyond to meet your expectations for your cosmetic treatment.

Dr. Han is an active community member spreading oral health awareness throughout Philadelphia and its surrounding communities. She aims to make the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence a haven for patients to come and receive the care they deserve.

Our dental care facility welcomes patients of all ages with open arms. We work hard to eliminate the anxiety of going to the dentist because we know its importance for your health.

In addition to the dental services we offer, we also provide oral cancer screenings. These screenings could help save your life by finding signs of cancer early.

Consult With a Dental Professional Today

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should invest in KöR teeth whitening in Philadelphia, PA. Our expert dental professionals are happy to schedule a consultation to discuss what you want out of your whitening results.

To start your journey toward restoring your teeth in Philadelphia, PA, call the front desk of the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence at 215-969-4400. Our KöR teeth whitening treatments will boost your self-esteem and have you smiling from ear to ear.