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If you are a SmileDirectClub customer, please contact our office for assistance.

Teeth Whitening Options Explained by Philadelphia Dentist Dr. Len Tau

Teeth Whitening Options Explained by Philadelphia Dentist Dr. Len Tau

If you are like most Americans, having a bright white smile is an important aspect of how you like to present yourself. It’s perfectly natural for teeth to become stained or yellowed by our favorite foods and drinks—coffee, tea, and red wine are among the worst culprits. But once those stains are there, it’s not always easy getting rid of them. Toothpastes that claim to whiten are only in contact with your enamel for a few minutes of each day, and store-bought whitening systems don’t always deliver the results they promise.

To get rid of stubborn pigment stains, we at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence recommend one of our professional quality whitening treatments, such as the KöR Whitening™ system.

How is KöR Different from Drug Store Whiteners?

All teeth whitening systems utilize the stain fighting properties of hydrogen peroxide, but the difference is in how the ingredients are applied to the teeth. When high concentrations of peroxide are applied properly to the teeth, they bring oxygen down into the surface of tooth enamel to break up the pigments that have accumulated over the years. When the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is low, the results are lessened. When the chemical integrity of the peroxide is poor, the results can be unimpressive. KöR is different from lower quality whiteners because it uses stronger ingredients and has a special handling and delivery system that ensures outstanding results.

The Problem with OTC Whiteners

There are three problems with store-bought whiteners that make them the less effective choice for brightening your smile.

They do not fit your teeth well – Because whitening strips and trays are one-size, they often slip loose or allow the gel to migrate to the gums. This allows the ingredients to become diluted by saliva and makes them less effective at whitening.

They are not stored in optimal conditions – Off the shelf products are not always stored, transported, or handled in optimal conditions. The wrong environmental temperatures or expiration period can cause the chemical composition of the peroxide to degrade. Some batches may be older than others or are left in hot conditions, so the results you see with these products can be incredibly inconsistent.

They can cause discomfort – When peroxide is in contact with your gums it can cause a painful burning sensation. Not only is this unpleasant, but it usually makes you less inclined to wear the products long enough to see results.

Are Store-Bought Whiteners Bad for Your Teeth?

Although all commercial whiteners are safe for your teeth when used as directed, there is some danger of harming your enamel with lesser quality whiteners, since marginal results encourage longer periods of use.

If you use drug store whiteners and get only minimal results, you may be tempted to keep using them indefinitely. By using a stronger, prescription strength whitener for a shorter period of time, you give your enamel time to remineralize itself by its natural processes.

How KöR Deep Bleaching Works

This system uses higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, a standardized storage and handling system, and a unique type of whitening tray to deliver the bleaching gel. It is recognized by many as the most effective form of teeth whitening available, as it can even remove stains caused by tetracycline. Because the gel delivery trays are extremely thin and form fitting, they form a seal around your teeth. This allows the high-quality peroxide gel to stay in place and work its magic. The gel does not migrate to the gums and cause discomfort or become diluted by saliva.

If you’ve tried other teeth whitening products and were disappointed by your results, we guarantee you will be amazed by what KöR can accomplish in just a short period of use.

Call our Philadelphia dental office at 215-515-0909 to make an appointment with Dr. Tau if you would like to try this safe and effective whitening system. We look forward to helping you smile with confidence again!