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Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain Veneers in Philadelphia, PA

If you want to consult a dentist about porcelain veneers in Philadelphia, PA, call the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence at 215-969-4400.  Do you dream of having an eye-catching smile with bright and perfectly shaped teeth? Porcelain veneers are a durable, long-lasting way to revamp and upgrade the look of your smile.  The Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence proudly serves Philadelphia and its surrounding communities. Our experienced team of dental professionals will help improve your oral health and brighten your smile. 

What Are Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are tooth-colored shells that attach to the front of your natural teeth to help perfect your smile. Veneers can correct misshapen teeth, misaligned teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, and discoloration. Custom veneers will be designed using a mold of each of your teeth that need correcting.  Dental veneers are permanent. They are very durable and will last 10 to 30 years with proper care. 

Whiter Teeth

Some people want veneers to get a brighter and whiter smile. If your teeth have been stained by medication side effects, coffee or tea, smoking, or otherwise, veneers can cover up the discoloration. 

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Another reason a patient may consider investing in porcelain veneers in Philadelphia, PA, is to cover up chipped or broken teeth. If your teeth are otherwise in good condition but a flaw bothers you aesthetically, veneers could be a great solution. Veneers may help fortify a tooth to prevent further damage.  Stain Resistant An added benefit of veneers is that they are stain-resistant. If your teeth are constantly becoming discolored from coffee, smoking, or medication, veneers may be a great option to keep your teeth whiter with less maintenance.  Healthy for Gums Our porcelain veneers will not damage your gums. However, we recommend you continue proper oral hygiene such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing to prevent gum disease. There are no dietary restrictions with veneers, so you can resume your normal diet following your veneer installation. 

Our Process

The first step on your journey toward brighter teeth is to schedule a consultation with one of our dental professionals. We will examine your mouth to see if we need to take care of anything before moving forward with veneers. During our consultation, we will also discuss the pros and cons of the procedure and how much porcelain veneers cost.  During your treatment, your dentist will shave down the enamel of your teeth. Your dentist can numb the area before the reshaping to prevent any discomfort.  Your cosmetic dentist will take impressions of your teeth, which a lab will then use to make your customized set of veneers. 

Schedule a Consultation Today

Getting porcelain veneers in Philadelphia, PA, can change your life by boosting your confidence, brightening your smile, and making you happier with your appearance. Our experienced dentists, with practice owner Dr. Christine Han, DMD, use the best equipment and the top procedure methods to produce the best results.  We are happy to discuss the benefits of veneers with you.  You can call the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence at 215-969-4400 to schedule a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists. We service Philadelphia and the entire commonwealth of Pennsylvania, creating smiles that you will be eager to show off.