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Oral Cancer Screening

Schedule an Oral Cancer Screening in Philadelphia, PA

An oral cancer diagnosis can have severe impacts on your life. However, quickly identifying this disease allows you to get prompt help, improving your prognosis. With an oral cancer screening in Philadelphia, PA, you can protect your health.

You can set up a screening today with our team at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence. Just call us at 215-969-4400 and discuss your oral healthcare options.

Review the Steps in an Oral Cancer Screening

Some patients aren’t sure what to expect from an oral cancer screening. However, the process often only takes a few moments and is minimally invasive. Dr. Christine Han – the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence owner – performs our oral cancer screenings.

During the screening process, Dr. Han performs a visual assessment of your mouth. She looks for:

  • White or red bumps
  • Rough patches on your cheeks or tongue
  • Hard lumps
  • Shifts in the position of any of your teeth

Dr. Han also feels the inside of your mouth and your cheeks. She wears gloves throughout the entire process, which often only takes a few moments.

What to Do with the Results of an Oral Cancer Screening

Did you complete an oral cancer screening in Philadelphia, PA? In most cases, these exams detect no severe issues. However, if Dr. Han informed you that she discovered something abnormal, it’s a good idea to contact your family doctor right away.

Dentists do not provide care for oral cancer. You’ll need to visit another medical professional to set up a care plan.

Discovering oral cancer signs early helps to improve your long-term prognosis. Patients who get treatment before cancer can spread and develop have a higher chance of fully recovering from the illness.

How Often Should You Set Up an Oral Cancer Screening?

Oral cancer screenings represent an essential part of dental care in the Philadelphia area. Therefore, we recommend that each new patient who comes to our office undergo oral cancer screening.

After your first pre-cancer screening, we perform these assessments every year in most cases. However, you may want to have twice-yearly evaluations if you are more likely to develop oral cancer.

Risk Factors Associated with Oral Cancer

Understanding the risk factors for oral cancer can help you make informed decisions about your healthcare. Some people are more likely to develop this disease. For example, you may have a higher risk for this form of cancer if you:

  • Smoke
  • Chew tobacco
  • Drink alcohol
  • Have a history of cancer in your family

Oral cancer can spread quickly, making it essential that you get regular screenings of your oral cavity. Unfortunately, many people do not recognize the symptoms of oral cancer on their own, allowing the disease to move quickly without professional intervention.

We also recommend that you consider regular oral cancer screenings once you reach the age of 40. However, around 40% of the people diagnosed with oral cancer have none of these risk factors. Therefore, everyone needs to schedule these screenings.

Your Options to Prevent Oral Cancer

Members of our team hope to help you avoid ever developing oral cancer. There are several steps you can take to prevent oral cancer. Medical experts recommend that you:

  • Stop using smokeless tobacco products (chewing tobacco)
  • Avoid heavy drinking or binge drinking
  • Limit your exposure to the sun

There’s significant evidence that the HPV virus may increase your odds of developing oral cancer, as well. However, you can reduce this risk factor by getting the HPV vaccine. This vaccine helps diminish your odds of developing HPV, thereby reducing your risk for oral cancer.

Perform Self-Checks for Oral Cancer Through the Year

You don’t have to wait for a dental appointment to perform oral cancer checks. Take a few moments to check your mouth each time you brush your teeth. Dr. Han recommends that you slide your tongue over:

  • Your gums
  • Your cheeks
  • The top of your mouth

Check for lumps, rough spots, or bumps. You do not need to contact someone immediately if you notice an issue. Instead, check again for a few days. If the symptoms persist, contact an oral healthcare professional for help.

Contact Us to Set Up an Oral Cancer Screening

With an oral cancer screening in Philadelphia, PA, you can protect your health. Our Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence team provides screenings and other oral health services. You can easily reach out to a member of our team when you call 215-969-4400.