No Insurance Teeth Whitening Philadelphia

No insurance teeth whitening Philadelphia

Many Philadelphians are struggling with their discolored teeth since they don’t have insurance cover to cater for the teeth whitening bills. However, the good thing is that we are here to bring back the smile on your face. Our charges are reasonable, and you will not have to dig deeper into your pocket. At the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence, we understand that it’s not possible for everybody to have an insurance cover and that’s why our charges are relatively affordable. Just give us a call today, and our staff will help you accordingly.

Discolored teeth can give you sleepless nights since it denies you the freedom to smile, or laugh in front of people as you want them to see the teeth. Your teeth can be discolored due to many reasons such as smoking and drinking contaminated water to mention a few. No matter what reason caused the problem, you deserve to whiten your smile. There are two options available if you want to whiten your teeth, either do it at home or go for professional teeth whitening at our facility.

Why go for professional teeth whitening at our facility?
Although there has been a massive improvement in the home teeth whitening kits, professional teeth whitening remains the best option for you. Visiting our facility for teeth whitening service could be the wisest decision ever in your life due to the following reasons;

Safe Environment
Having any medical treatment performed by or in the company of a specialist is a comforting feeling. At our clinic, the teeth whitening procedure is undertaken by our experienced dentists. And goes a long way in making patients feel secure about the treatment, because they know if anything goes wrong, there is a professional ready to fix the problem.

Experienced dental specialists
Our dentists and dental hygienists perform whitening treatments regularly. Thus they know what to expect. Being treated by experienced dental employees also means that the quality of your whitening treatments will be very high. We have the proper equipment that will make the work of our specialist easy.

Quality Whitening
First, we've got the best whitening materials and the most experienced team of dentists in the region. Also, when you receive professional whitening treatments, a mold of your teeth is made, and the mouthpiece is filled with gel. The gel then is pushed around to cover all sides of your teeth thoroughly. Thus, the sides and edges of your teeth are whitened as well, making your smile much brighter.

Short Treatment Time
Professional whitening uses a higher concentration of chemical ingredients which makes the treatment more powerful. The procedure causes the reactions to take place faster and with more success than other methods. When that happens, it reduces the time that the treatment needs. Therefore, our able dentists will not even take 30 minutes to complete the procedure.

Long Lasting Whiteness
Majority of our professional whitening methods last eight months to a year before they begin to lose their effects. Therefore, you won't need another treatment session for a long time once you've reached your desired level of whitening. Not forgetting the money you will save in the process.
In summary, if you have no insurance for teeth whitening in Philadelphia, call us or book an appointment on our website and we will find a solution together.


No Insurance Teeth Whitening Philadelphia
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