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What is the secret to making a great impression? We use our iTero® intra-oral digital scanner to ensure that the impressions we take are accurate, efficient, and comfortable every time.

Impressions are necessary for the fabrication of dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and dental implants. Our hand-held intra-oral scanner takes 3-dimensional digital video impressions with proven accuracy. Even the most challenging cases can be accurately scanned with our intra-oral scanner.

Another benefit to you is reduced time. When we send precise digital scans to our lab, your restorations require less preparation work and can be fabricated more quickly. This means you can have your restoration placed and be enjoying the results sooner than with traditional impression methods.

In the past, you may have experienced dental trays that filled with a soft substance that hardened into an impression of your mouth and teeth. With the intra-oral scanner’s small hand-held wand, we can take accurate digital impressions quickly and easily, without tripping your gag reflex.

Even more, as we complete your scan, you will be able to view the impression on the monitor along with us. This allows you to see more precisely why we have recommended restoration for your oral health needs.

We look forward to seeing you again at your next appointment with us. We love to make a great impression.

What is the iTero Intraoral Scanner?

The iTero Intraoral Scanner is typically used to take digital impressions of the mouth. These impressions allow us to have a high-definition and in-depth view of your oral health. Rather than taking gloppy impressions with sticky molding material, iTero Intraoral Scanner is a handheld device that simply scans the surfaces of your teeth. This is a safe and highly effective technology that we use in our office each day.

Why would the iTero Intraoral Scanner be needed?

There are many different uses for the iTero Intraoral Scanner. First, we can use the impressions to create restorations and even orthodontic appliances. We can use the images taken with the iTero Intraoral Scanner to create a comprehensive treatment plan for you. We may even utilize this scanner to help in finding problem areas and getting a better view of your general oral health.

Who is a good candidate for the iTero Intraoral Scanner?

The iTero Intraoral Scanner is safe and effective. It can safely be used for all of our patients regardless of their age. The scanner provides us with detailed images of your teeth that can then be used in conjunction with your dental treatment. We can even show you the results of the iTero Intraoral Scanner in the office after the scan has been taken.

What happens during the iTero Intraoral Scanner process?

We will use a small portable and handheld device to begin the scan. The iTero Intraoral Scanner will then be guided over your teeth. The images of your teeth will begin to show on the machine’s screen itself. The scan takes about one or two minutes and provides us with clear, quality results. We can then discuss your results and what we have found when using the iTero Intraoral Scanner. You can have these scans performed at regular intervals throughout treatment or so that we can create a dental plan that fits your needs.

If you’d like to learn more about the iTero Intraoral Scanner, call us today so that one of our helpful staff members can further assist you.

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