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If you are a SmileDirectClub customer, please contact our office for assistance.

Full Mouth Reconstructions in Philadelphia, PA

What Are Full Mouth Reconstructions?

Full mouth reconstructions, commonly referred to as smile makeovers, are a type of restorative dentistry. The dental staff at Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence will tailor these operations to each client based on their specific needs. But in general, smile makeovers aim to rebuild the dental health and appearance of a person’s teeth.

In Philadelphia, PA, full mouth reconstructions from Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence are hygienic, personalized cosmetic procedures. Your dentist will work with you to determine the problem areas of your mouth, address them each individually with a dental treatment plan, and leave you with a beautiful and healthy smile.

When Would Full Mouth Restorations Be Needed?

Full mouth rehabilitation can address a wide range of issues, and as such, there are many instances where these procedures might become necessary.

Generally, patients who pursue full mouth restorations feel unhappy with the appearance of their smile. For most people, the most significant reasons have teeth that are chipped, broken, partially broken, or missing entirely. Full mouth restorations can address those issues with dental implants that will have your smile glowing once again.

However, there are other situations where people might consider full-mouth reconstructions beyond missing teeth. For example, a complete mouth restorations procedure that includes whitening and filling operations can benefit people with several cavities, extensive decay, and mouth sensitivity.

Who Is a Candidate for Full Mouth Reconstructions?

Any healthy adult feeling dissatisfied with their dental health and the appearance of their smile is a worthy candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

If you are unsure whether an involved dental procedure like a smile makeover would fit you and your needs, our dental staff will help walk you through the process. Our team will take dental X-rays and close oral examinations to dental irregularities that align with a procedure like a full mouth reconstruction.

But since smile makeovers are wide-ranging procedures that address several needs, each candidate for these procedures will look slightly different and have varying needs specific to their unique case.

Oral Infections

One of the most common reasons people seek full mouth reconstructions is to repair or replace missing and damaged teeth. But, unfortunately, the reason for damage or missing teeth in the first place is often due to poor oral hygiene.

Excessive plaque build-up can cause various infections and diseases of the gums, including periodontal disease, which loosens a person’s teeth if left untreated for too long. In addition, plaque and tooth decay can cause visible tooth damage and severe pain.

A smile makeover improves your overall appearance, and it can restore your dental health in the case of decay, plaque, and calculus buildup.

Long-Term Wear and Tear

Even with regular brushing and flossing, perfect dental health is still tricky for some people.

Grinding teeth during sleep, consuming acidic foods and beverages, and other everyday occurrences can wear our teeth down to the point where they become visually damaged. Beyond extreme discoloration, putting teeth through constant wear and tear can cause them to become chipped, misshapen, and uneven.

People who grind their teeth or find other ways to put their oral health to the test could benefit from a full mouth reconstruction.

Chewing Pain

The most common cause of difficulty chewing is TMJ disorders — trauma in the jaw joints, jaw bone and surrounding areas that cause muscle pain.

While TMJ disorders affect the joints connecting your jawbone, the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence team can still address the issue with a full mouth reconstruction.

What Happens During Full Mouth Reconstructions?

Before any cleaning or surgical procedure begins, the entire mouth reconstruction process at Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence will open with a simple consultation. You will speak to your dentist about all your dental concerns, whether your issues are from dental pain or the cosmetics of your teeth.

After the consultation and a thorough X-ray process to analyze the extent of your dental issues, the smile makeover process will begin. And when you choose Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence for your entire mouth reconstructions in Philadelphia, PA, you will be treated to a world-class dental staff.

Our friendly team offers several services, from teeth whitening to bonding to dental veneers. Our dentists will also go over the potential price of your procedure to ensure that you are comfortable with every step of the process.

To schedule an appointment for a smile makeover in Philadelphia, PA, call Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence today at (215) 352-5447.