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What do Dentists in Northeast Philadelphia Provide to their clients

There are just so many dentists in Philadelphia, so how do we know which one to pick? However, it can seem daunting to keep on visiting dentist when your teeth decay. It is also very costly to keep fixing your teeth. That is why we need to maintain healthy gums and teeth all the time. So what do we get from the dentists in northeast Philadelphia?


Porcelain Veneers
People with stunning smiles will win the game, and they strike a long impression on the people around them. Some people will go through cosmetic options to make their smile better and more enchanting. Therefore, the clinic has a team of experts that help to provide porcelain veneers at Philadelphia. The dental assistants will customize the veneers to suit you and make you smile brightly.

What Are Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are thin pieces on top of the teeth that cover up the defects of the tooth. The restoration will enable the teeth to be restructured so that you will have a beautiful smile. It also helps to balance teeth shapes and structure so that if there are damaged gum parts there will be a process of aligning it bit by bit. However, these are only four cosmetic structures. They are not dental crowns, so they are not that durable. They are usually used for the teeth in front.

Full Mouth Reconstruction
There are cases where multiple dental problems can completely destroy your mouth, so there might be a personalized treatment that will restore your perfect smile and your self-confidence. There are some complicated procedures involved but don't worry, you are in the hands of a professional.

Candidates Eligible for Full Mouth Reconstruction
Types of issues faced by patients that need this treatment:

1. Teeth that are missing. It shows when you smile.
2. People with cavities will also need this treatment.
3. Unaligned teeth will need braces or Invisalign
4. Damaged teeth feel like cracked parts in a tooth
5. Gum disease will cause the mouth to smell
6. Jawbone deterioration will make the jaw look out of shape.

What To Expect During Treatment

The first stage would be to consult the doctor before doing anything to your mouth. The dentist will review the medical history and take x-rays of your mouth and teeth as well as come up with a fully detailed examination to see if there are lots of defects in your teeth. After that, he will explain and go through the treatment recommendations as well as a living lifestyle before implementing the treatment. Only after going through a discussion will the doctor start to carry out the treatments needed. There are many phases to go through and at each phase, you need to heal first. The body will heal with time so do not rush the process and let it heal first. After that, you go through the last phase and then your mouth reconstruction is complete.

Dentist In Northeast Philadelphia Pa
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We are a full service general dental practice and do everything from simple fillings to full mouth reconstructions. Our philosophy is high comfort and the latest technology in a comfortable environment. We strive to give the highest level of detail to patient care because that is what we believe in and that is what we would do for our own family and our patients are a part of our family. The most rewarding feeling is changing someones smile and transforming their life for the better. At our Philadelphia dental office we hope our dental team can give you the smile you have always dreamed of!
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