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How to Reduce the Cost of Invisalign in Philadelphia, PA

Invisalign is one of the most preferred modern methods to achieving straight teeth. Specific misalignments and bite issues can be gradually adjusted with these removable, clear plastic aligners. Dental patients receive a new pair of aligners every two weeks to achieve their desired results.

When comparing Invisalign to traditional braces, one question persists: what is the cost of Invisalign in Philadelphia, PA? The price can vary depending on the type of Invisalign treatment, the required treatment time, and the payment method.

The cost of your treatment will mostly depend on your provider, so speak with an associate for a more accurate projection. Dr. Christine Han, DMD, is a leading cosmetic dentist at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence in Philadelphia, PA. Contact her office today at (215)-352-5447 to discuss an Invisalign treatment plan for you.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign can cost up to $8,000, with the average falling between $3,000 and $5,000. This is comparable to the cost of traditional braces and includes between 12 and 30 custom-made sets of plastic aligners to straighten your teeth.

Invisalign offers a cheaper option called Invisalign Express that ranges from $1,800 to $4,000. This plan offers fewer aligners, providing either five, seven, or ten aligners throughout treatment. The more aligners you select, the more you pay. This option is best for patients with milder dental problems.

Consider the following options to align your teeth without spending too much of your own money:

Insurance Coverage

Invisalign can be costly, as many insurance companies limit the amount of cosmetic dental coverage for adults. However, most insurers pay a percentage of the cost for clear aligners. Check with your insurance company to confirm your coverage. 

Financing Options

Ask about payment plans for your Invisalign treatment. At the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence, we offer several flexible and affordable programs to help you pay for your treatment.

Some payment plans require a down payment or credit check, and monthly payments usually accrue interest. If you aren’t comfortable with this, you may consider the next option. 

Open an FSA or HSA

Your employer manages a flexible spending account (FSA). You can deposit pre-tax funds to pay for certain medical or dental costs later. You can save up to $2,600 a year in this type of account.

Similarly, health savings accounts (HSA) allow you to save up to $3,400 (for an individual) or $6,750 (for a family) for certain medical costs.

Start Your Invisalign Treatment at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence

Overall, the total cost of Invisalign in Philadelphia, PA, depends most heavily on the complexity and provider of your Invisalign treatment. The dentist’s skill and experience largely determine how much they charge. Speak with different providers in your area to compare rates.

At the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence, Dr. Han has years of experience providing Invisalign treatment. Call 215-352-5447 for additional information about the cost of Invisalign in Philadelphia, PA, or to schedule your consultation today!