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If you are a SmileDirectClub customer, please contact our office for assistance.

Athletic Mouthguards

Protect Your Teeth with Athletic Mouthguards in Philadelphia, PA

Playing sports provides a great way to stay healthy and active. However, athletic events also put you in situations that could lead to severe injuries, including oral trauma. You can protect yourself on the field with an athletic mouthguard.

Our Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence team provides athletic mouthguards in Philadelphia, PA. Set up an appointment with our team today by calling 215-352-5447.

When to Consider an Athletic Mouthguard

When should you think about ordering a sports mouthguard? Generally, the experts recommend mouthguards for anyone who plays a close contact sport, such as:

  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Wrestling

These sports involve physical contact with other players, and many people end up knocked to the ground while playing. These impacts can cause severe damage to your teeth or gums. Injuries often require extensive and expensive medical procedures.

Mouthguards play an essential role in protecting your teeth, helping you – or a loved one – avoid a severe injury.

Your Options for Athletic Mouthguards

You have several choices for athletic mouthguards in Philadelphia, PA. Depending upon your situation, you may choose to purchase:

Universal Mouthguards

Universal – or stock – mouthguards come in a one-size-fits-all format. You can pick these mouthguards up at any sporting goods store. Unfortunately, they do not conform to your teeth or bite pattern, and many people find them uncomfortable to wear.

Because companies do not design stock mouthguards to match your teeth, they provide a limited amount of protection during contact sports.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

You also have the option to select boil and bite mouthguards. Sporting goods stores also sell these guards. You take them from the packaging and boil them in hot water. Then, while they’re still malleable, you place them in your mouth and bite down.

Boil and bite mouthguards come with more personalization options than stock mouthguards. However, they are still not designed to fit your bite and may feel uncomfortable if you wear them for an extended time.

Custom Mouthguards

Finally, you have the option to select custom-fit mouthguards. Dental professionals provide you with these guards, which we design to fit your unique bite pattern. A custom sports mouthguard offers the most protection to your teeth or your child’s teeth.

Risks Associated with Playing without a Mouthguard

Many people wonder if it’s worth getting an athletic mouthguard. Each time you take to the field without an appropriate guard, you run the risk of sustaining a severe injury. Impacts to the mouth may lead to:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Displaced or knocked-out teeth
  • Broken teeth

In addition to damaging your teeth, a mouth injury could injure your soft tissue. The soft tissue in your mouth includes your tongue, cheeks, and lips. In addition, if you have braces, they could get broken in an athletic accident.

Severe injuries even cause nerve and jaw damage. Protective mouthguards help you avoid these painful injuries, making you a more confident player.

The Process for Getting an Athletic Mouthguard

You can visit our Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence team to get a personalized athletic mouthguard. Dr. Christine Han, who owns and operates the practice, takes care of designing your mouthguard.

Our team starts the process by getting impressions of your mouth. Then, we create molds with these impressions and use them to design a mouthguard designed to fit your teeth perfectly.

After we get the mouthguard, you’ll return to the office so we can fit and adjust the guard. A professional mouthguard cushions your teeth, allowing you to take hits without breaking, cracking, or otherwise damaging your teeth.

Caring for an Athletic Mouthguard in Philadelphia

Your athletic mouthguard can last for years if you take care of it properly. We recommend storing it in a safe place when you aren’t wearing it. After using the mouthguard, brush it carefully with toothpaste in warm water, rinse it, and dry it before storage.

Our team also helps if you’re interested in a nightguard to prevent teeth from grinding while you sleep. These guards function in much the same way as a sports mouthguard, but they often have less protective material since they do not have to protect you from impacts.

Find Out More About Athletic Mouthguards

Wearing a mouthguard provides you with protection for your teeth, gum, cheeks, and more.

Are you interested in athletic mouthguards in Philadelphia, PA? Begin discussing your options today with our Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence team. We can answer your questions when you contact us at 215-352-5447.